Jib Crane JC series
Product Model : 
  • JC1253025
  • JC1253030
  • JC1253035
  • JC1253040
  • JC1253525

Jib Crane     JC series

HARDLIFT Jib Cranes offer an extensive range of installation options and capacities, with the power of create the material handling
solution with maximum space utilization. A Jib Crane can be mounted to your facility floor, foundation, column, pillar or wall to accommodate
any space constraints or work plans.. Expand the Jib Crane’s utility further by using it as auxiliary lifting device under an overhand crane or by
attaching a hoist or drive.

With a HARDLIFT Jib Crane, you can:
* Economically move materials within an individual workstation or between work areas with a portable jib crane.
* Provide supplemental lifting coverage with a full 360° of operation(Mast Style) and 180° of operation(Wall Mounted).



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